Starlino Aperitivo Twin Pack

The Italian Aperitivo pack contains 

1 bottle of Starlino Rosé Aperitivo 75 cl

1 bottle of Starlino Arancione Aperitivo 75 cl


Try both of our delicious and complex Aperitivos made with a blend of natural fruits, herbs and spices.

Perfect for Aperitivo hour!

Color agent: Yes

Sulphites: Yes

Alcoholpercentage: 17%

Importer Selection Prestige GmbH

DELICIOUS AND NATURAL PREMIUM SPRITZ : Serve 1 part Starlino Arancione or Rosé over ice in a large wine glass and top with 1 part Sparking wine and 1 part Soda. Garnish with a slice of fresh orange or grapefruit.

A LOWER ALCOHOL ALTERNATIVE TO A GIN AND TONIC – This natural Aperitivo is perfect for mixing with premium tonic and has all of the flavour of a premium gin and tonic with less than half of the alcohol.

FROM TORINO, ITALY: produced in Torino by Vermouth Master, Beppe Ronco with quality Italian wine and the best Italian ingredients to create an exceptional Italian Aperitivo.


€ 50.47

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