Starlino Vermouth Rosso

Starlino Rosso Wermut Di Torino 75 cl - 17% Vol.

Ein wesentlicherlicher italienischer süßer roter Wermut mit Noten von Feigen, Kirschen, Orange Schalen und schwachen Noten von Gewürzem Lebkuchen.

Perfekt über Eis und macht ein Regierungsliches Manhattan oder Negroni.

Color agent: Yes

Sulphites: Yes

Alcoholpercentage: 17%

Importer Selection Prestige GmbH

MADE WITH PIEDMONTE WINE, BOTANICALS and FINISHED IN KENTUCKY BOURBON BARRELS: a sweet, rich Vermouth infused with natural botanicals including vanilla, Rhubarb, Ginger and bitter orange peel.

MAKE A PERFECT NEGRONI AT HOME - Simply mix 1:1:1 with bitter Liqueur, Gin and a twist of Orange peel to create this classic bar tender favorite at home.

MAKES AN EXCEPTIONAL MANHATTAN: mix with Rye Whiskey and Bitters to make a quality Manhattan at home. Finish with Starlino Maraschino Cherries for the perfect garnish.

FROM TORINO, ITALY: produced in Torino by Vermouth Master, Beppe Ronco with quality Italian wine and the best Italian ingredients to create an exceptional Italian Aperitivo.

€ 25.23


Starlino Negroni

1 part Starlino Vermouth Rosso

1 part Campari

1 part Gin

Stir all ingredients with ice and garnish with an orange zest.

Starlino Manhattan

1 part Starlino Vermouth Rosso

2 parts rye whiskey

2 dashes aromatic bitters

Stir all ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled coupette. Garnish with Starlino Cherry.

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